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Superior Educational Programme
A well-researched programme, which is planned and organised carefully, is offered. Structured teacher-directed and free-choice play periods promote concept formation, language development, pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths skills, confidence, self-discipline, problem-solving, social skills, etc. Age-appropriate lessons include the following:

Functional Movement lessons promote muscular control and co-ordination, whilst consolidating intellectual concepts, e.g. body image, locomotion, eye-hand co-ordination, eye-foot co-ordination, ball skills, balance, climbing, etc.
In Expressive Movement and Dance, the children use the body, how it moves, where it moves and how it moves in relationship with other individuals and groups in investigation.
In Drama rings, the children dramatise a story, an event, an emotional experience, a fantasy scenario or a problem situation; the focus being the communication of ideas and feelings through words, sounds, actions and role play.
Object Studies allow children to develop analytical skills whilst examining familiar objects. Language advancement is one of the most important aspects of early childhood education; our programme fosters the acquisition of vocabulary as well as the children's ability to articulate, to express their understanding and to use language creatively.
Stories and Puppet Shows further enhance language skills and teachers illustrate these enjoyable experiences with pictures, charts, real objects and puppets - and lots of drama and theatrical sound effects!

Active learning is encouraged and children explore and learn in various ways, i.e. discovering with the five senses, working with real objects, playing educational games, interpreting posters and expressing conceptual understanding through artwork; thereby allowing each child to progress in his/her own way and at his/her own pace.

The curriculum is presented progressively, with the children building upon past experience, in a hands-on, fun and age-appropriate manner - lots of movement, action and noise! For example: lessons for 3/4 year olds will be of 15-20 minutes duration whilst lessons for the Reception Class/Grade R will be of 20-30 minutes duration.

Child-Centred Environment
Our School has its own distinctive character, built adjoining the church of St Raphael, and designed to function both as a school during the week and as Youth Worship facility for the church on Sundays.  The following play opportunities are offered:

1. Outdoor play which includes sand and water play, climbing, cycling, etc.
2. Fantasy play involving "dressing up" and role play
3. Creative play like painting, collage, dough modelling, cutting and sticking, etc.
4. Cognitive play/problem-solving with puzzles, educational games, construction kits and blocks. Computers are also offered to introduce children to the exciting and dynamic field of information technology.

All equipment is selected and arranged carefully by the teachers to encourage the development of the "whole" child.

Strict standards are applied to ensure the safety and health of the children. Each play area is structured and supervised by a teacher. Members of staff are trained in first aid.

Parental Involvement
The on-going progress of each child is monitored carefully. Staff believe in maintaining a strong link between School and home, and offer comprehensive feedback to parents through interviews, detailed reports and parent evenings.
(The School prides itself on the early identification of learning difficulties. The Reception Class/Grade R pupils are tested for "school readiness".)
Parents are invited to become involved in the management of the School by serving on the Governing Body, on the Parents' Association Committee or on other sub-committees which serve the School.

Management of the School
St Raphael's opened in January 2011, initiative of the Anglican Parish of Boksburg. A close link is maintained with the Parish. The School is governed by a committee made up of representatives nominated by the Church and parents. The Rector and Principal also serve on this committee. The ethos of the School is Christian but tolerance, acceptance and respect of other religions are upheld; children of all cultures are admitted to the School.

Preparation for Formal Schooling
The well-rounded Reception Class/Grade R Programme prepares the child for the challenges of Grade 1. It covers all the necessary pre-school skills; concepts which are explored include Body Image, the Five Senses, Colour, Shape, Positions in Space, Number, etc. The emergent skills of pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-numeracy are promoted whilst developing the ability to work independently, complete set tasks, concentrate for reasonable periods of time, solve problems creatively, etc. The Reception Class/Grade R is further extended through life skills outings in the community and children also explore a Language Programme in preparation for formal reading and writing.

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